YouTube Music Top Music Players Who Can Beat Spotify And Apple Music Now Arrives On Android And iOS – YouTube is the largest video streaming site and most popular in the world, recently has released an application named Youtube Music. This application is almost similar to Spotify or AppleMusic. YouTube Music now available for Android and iOS platforms. Superior design features that are on Youtube, also featured on Youtube Music. For example, Youtube Music will feature songs […]

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Nokia 1100 the best selling cell phone of all time

Do You Know The Best Selling Cell Phone Of All Time ?

Do you know the best selling cell phone of all time ? Surely you thought that artificial cell phone Samsung or Apple is its King, two corporate giants the most advanced smartphone makers in the world. Too bad your answer wrong, from the data supply, the world’s best selling phone is Nokia 1100. Since first launched in 2003 this phone already sold 250 million […]

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List Of Commands You Should Know From Google Now

Previously I have discussed the personal assistant belongs to windows and apple also named CORTANA & SIRI. Now I will discuss Google’s personal assistant that is Google NOW. Since the emergence of the first Android, Android continues to innovate. Finally Android integrates a personal assistant in it. Android users may already be very familiar with Google NOW, this is a very cool feature, where we can operate our android only with voice commands. Many of the commands that we can do […]

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Here's How To Check The Health Of Your Smartphone's Battery Easily

Here’s How To Check The Health Of Your Smartphone’s Battery Easily

The battery is a very important component of a smartphone without a battery a smartphone would not be able to function. But as powerful as any kind of a smartphone, there’s the battery that it definitely had age of use, the longer the lifespan of a battery then holding capacity will be reduced, it is very reasonable, because until now there has been […]

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