Nokia 1100 the best selling cell phone of all time

Do You Know The Best Selling Cell Phone Of All Time ?

Do you know the best selling cell phone of all time ? Surely you thought that artificial cell phone Samsung or Apple is its King, two corporate giants the most advanced smartphone makers in the world. Too bad your answer wrong, from the data supply, the world’s best selling phone is Nokia 1100. Since first launched in 2003 this phone already sold 250 million […]

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Amazing Design Build Quality Specification Fiture Iphone 6s Plus Who Made ​​You Want To Have Iphone 6s Plus

Design Iphone 6s Plus is New generation from iphone, the design is look so amazing, we know that apple always design his smartphone with premium design this is why price […]

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Who Is Best To Be Virtual Personal Assistant , Siri Vs Cortana ?

Do you now “Jarvis” ? yes, its virtual personal  assistan in the “IRON MAN”. Now virtual assistan is not only dream, but now its real. How can ? Two bigs […]

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